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Immigration is as old as the human race


We strive to make it as stress-free as possible

Bhatia & Co.


Bhatia & Co., with its headquarters in Santa Clara, CA, and offices in several other places, is a full-service Business and Immigration Consulting Firm since 2000. Our expertise lies in successfully handling many complexities faced by businesses and individuals in immigration as well as other business areas.


(We are immigration consultants bonded with the California secretary of state)

About Us


SmoothImmigration, which is part of Bhatia & Co, specializes in addressing the many complexities in Immigration process, to help businesses and individual navigate through the various stages of processes.

What we do


Bhatia & Co. offers full range of immigration services, as well as a range of other business services, including tax and accounting, audit, review and compliance and outsourcing.

IMPORTANT F-1 OPT ALERT : USCIS announces 36 months OPT and other changes for STEM students and their employers


For details click here..

USCIS announces significant reliefs For H1B/L-1 and other Nonimmigrant Workers

For details click here..

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